Steven W. Banks

Coaching Infor

Life Coaching Works Exceptionally Well, But Only When Done Right. Research has shown that there are 6 conditions to achieve effective coaching.

These conditions must be met to suit YOU, the client so you will achieve your goals.

These conditions are like links in a chain – if any one is absent, then life coaching is likely to be unsuccessful.

These conditions are also UNIVERSAL. Since they must be agreeable to you, the client, it does not matter where you get your life coach, or when you do.

You The Client bring the first two conditions to the table
1. You have at least one coachable goal that is best achieved through life coaching
2. You are ready for coaching.
As your personal life coach I Will Guarantee the last four conditions to suit you
3. You really like and respect your coach
4. You will always be the total center of attention and I will Not take the superior position
5. Your coach has extensive experience at coaching people like you to achieve your goals at exceptional success rates.
6. Coaching is conducted under total confidentiality