Steven W. Banks


Steven W. Banks is uniquely skilled to inspire, encourage and to release others into their destiny. He is a motivational speaker, spiritual teacher & life coach to people throughout America in sectors as diverse as the political, private and public, entertainment, sports and educational arenas.

His proven and demonstrated leadership has allowed his ascension to global recognition as a Leader to Leaders. His organization, Steven W. Banks Enterprises, provides training, mentoring & strategies which assist in promoting healthy and productive relationships both personally and professionally. Along with being the Founding Pastor of Living Waters Christian Fellowship, he has served as Chief Executive Officer of Living Waters International Alliance, a synergistic network of non-profits and businesses representing excellence and vision nationally and internationally.

Banks is the prolific author of the groundbreaking book, “Healing the Father-Wound”. This works is providing restoration and healing for individuals and relationships. He partners with governmental, social services, correctional and educational agencies providing Healing the Father Wound seminars throughout the United States, as well as internationally in India, Africa and The Bahamas. He has also authored “Apostolic Gatekeepers” which is used by many as a reference manual for developing multi-dimensional non-profit organizations and “Apostolic Voices”, a compilation of inspired voices of thought promoting and provoking evolved views on relevant ideas for personal and professional growth.

As a much sought after consultant, he speaks to community and faith based organizations, governments and systems with the compassion and wisdom gained from over 30 years of leading both non-profit and for profit entities. He host seminars and other events speaking into various arenas, including visionary leadership, relationships, and men’s and women’s issues. His Expanding Your Vision television broadcast (aired nationally & regionally) was one of the top-rated weekly programs in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Banks holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree from Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA., and an Associate’s Degree from Chowan University in Murfreesboro, N.C.