Steven W. Banks


I was able to work with Mr. Steven W. Banks during a pivotal time in my life when I needed to get balance in my life and identify my abilities to be successful in my personal and professional goals, despite my circumstances. He helped me to tap into my potential as a leader and establish confidence in myself to make decisions that may not be the most popular, but that I felt were the right thing to do. I learned to stand in integrity and was encouraged not to be afraid to reach for and accept greater challenges so that that my worldview would be stretched, as I work with diverse populations. I found Mr. Banks to be objective and my life has been transformed because of his unconditional positive regard for me as an individual. An experience with Mr. Banks would be life-changing.

Dr. Saundra Cherry, City Council Newport News, VA

Steve’s distinctive methodology of personal and business consulting will inspire, encourage, challenge, and change mindsets allowing for transformation personally and professionally. He is your critical link in your process for progress. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a new perspective that instills confidence that builds the tenacity to make things happen. Since he is a visionary one specific niche he has is bringing vision from your head to paper to tangible reality by consulting in a way that shifts your mind. I encourage you to trust the process of change as he provides council through your partnership while paving the way for transformation sustainable growth to take the vision to tangible reality. Know that change for prosperity, fruitfulness, healing will occur when you tap into SWB Enterprise distinctive consulting, transformation will happen.

Johnnie Lloyd, CEO

Johnnie Lloyd and Associates, LLC

U R Legacy, LLC

I am truly grateful for the Coaching & Mentoring skills of Steven W.Banks utilized during a time when my business of 7 years were experiencing tremendous growing pains. It was during this time that his expertise & sound wisdom strategically assured me of pursing my heart concerning staffing & executive leadership decisions. Not only was my heart at peace but the transaction went smoothly for everyone involved. I appreciate Mr. Banks attentive ears and his skillful compassionate abilities to identify and support what was covered in an extremely complex situation. I’m anxiously looking forward to continued mentoring and coaching.session with him!

Joan Morton-Boyd

CEO, Blessed Hands and Heart, LLC

Richmond, Virginia

The leadership, advice, mentoring, and support that I’ve received from Mr. Banks over the past 20 years has been invaluable. It helped me to clarify my vision, mission, purpose, and achieve my professional goals. His book Healing the Father Wound also helped me go through a personal journey, opening the door to rebuild my relationship with my own father. I highly recommend the services of SWB.

Patrice Berry, Psy.D., LPC

Clinical Psychologist/Therapeutic Day Treatment Director

As a senior executive with the Department of Defense I know firsthand the importance of having mentors and coaches skilled in the art and science of leadership development. For the past 12 years I have counted on SWB Enterprises. As a direct result of their guidance, advice, encouragement, and sometimes course correction, I have grown both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Steve and his team of highly motivated exceptional professional and talented coaches and mentors.

Dr. Charles T. Brandon III

Director, Performance Improvement Program Office

Headquarters Department of the Army

I have known Steven W. Banks for almost a decade; and, during this time he has always offered decisive, creative and measured counsel. Banks is someone you want to have in your corner. He is trustworthy, has an unwavering enthusiasm for life, a heartfelt commitment to helping others and the unique ability to cut to the core of an exigency. Run; don’t walk, to his next mentorship/coaching session.

Eleanor Earl, Professor/Writer/Director

Hampton University/ Illusive Media

Hampton/ VA Beach